The Trade Desk Integrates with Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform

Move Empowers Advertisers to Harness Power of First-Party Data

Los Angeles, CA – March 17, 2022 – The Trade Desk, the leading independent demand-side advertising platform (DSP), today announced a new integration with the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), enabling marketers to drive more precision and relevance in their advertising by easily activating first-party data at scale across the open internet without relying on third-party cookies. This new email-based activation will be available on all of The Trade Desk’s media channels, including connected TV (CTV).

Customer data platforms enable marketers to bring together customer data across multiple touchpoints into a centralized solution. When used in marketing, this data can be segmented to create more tailored and personalized campaigns. With Adobe Real-Time CDP, marketers can unify both Adobe and non-Adobe data into a single actionable customer profile.

This integration will also help advertisers future-proof their advertising strategies by securely transacting on first-party data without relying on third-party cookies. As a result of this integration, joint customers of The Trade Desk and Adobe will be able to activate first-party data – including registration data, and data based on other durable identifiers – for activation through email-based identifiers such as Unified ID 2.0.

In addition, the integration will allow advertisers to close the loop by bringing granular data from The Trade Desk into Adobe Real-Time CDP to gain insights into how their campaigns perform.

“Advertisers are sitting on a robust amount of first-party data about their customers that is housed by their CDP partners,” said Michelle Hulst, Chief Data Officer, The Trade Desk. “Adobe is a market leader in CDP for advertiser first-party data, and through this integration, our joint customers can become more data-driven and precise across all digital advertising campaigns. What’s more, this move helps advertisers test new identity capabilities, such as Unified ID 2.0, as they get ready for a cookieless environment.”

As marketers prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies, the secure activation of first- party customer data becomes a priority. This is especially true for advertisers managing omnichannel campaigns that incorporate digital environments that already operate without cookies, such as CTV and mobile.

“Adobe Real-Time CDP empowers brands to use trusted first-party data to understand customer preferences and deliver personalized experiences at scale,” said Klaasjan Tukker, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Adobe. “We are thrilled to collaborate with The Trade Desk to enable our customers to securely activate their data for contextualized digital marketing so they can build meaningful brand awareness and loyalty.”

Adobe Real-Time CDP is part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

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SOURCE: The Trade Desk