AmericasMart Honors Creative Excellence in July with Visual Display Awards

ATLANTA – July 17, 2012 – AmericasMart Atlanta honors the best of the best in display and merchandising in July 2012 at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market®. The Visual Display Award (VDA) celebrates visual presentation excellence in both permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits at the premier gift and home industry event of summer. The VDAs are determined by independent design and retail visual merchandising experts with decades of combined experience.

Twenty-nine showrooms among permanent exhibitors were honored along with 18 temporary exhibitors including a Best of Show in the Temporary Category.

The July 2012 winners for Visual Display among permanent showrooms are:


Allstate Floral & Craft, Inc. 20-B-1

  • Open and airy-inviting entry wrap create distinct passages to the rear of the space.
  • Interwoven elements of velvet tufted ottomans and chairs add softness and cohesion.

Jascotina Inc. 19-A-8

  • Whimsical clever abstract and oversized vignettes featuring safari with slithering snake; Mad Hatter tea party and a picnic with bees and watermelon.
  • Vignettes defined by floor-ceiling fabric panels complement each story.

Knud Nielsen Company, Inc. 18-C-4

  • Artistic and ingenious execution of window vignettes using artificial elements, i.e. duck nesting in a marsh and Italian gardens.
  • Black/white pegboard wrapped walls and fixturing are consistent elements.

Winward International 17-D-2

  • Grand entrances with larger than life tabletops.
  • Harmonious balance of color reflected in each vignette.

PolarX Ornaments & Gifts   16-A-20

  • High-gloss candy-apple red and intense white lighting equal show-stopper!
  • Great vendor identification on this all-glass corner lot.

Global Views 14-C-15

  • A stunning use of color in white space with museum-like lighting and extraordinary product selection.
  • Flowing design vignettes filled with surprise details throughout the space.

John Beard Collection 13-E-6

  • Oversized, original art in a tiny space.
  • Artist utilizes provincial charm as a canvas to repeat design from front window to back wall.

Riado 12-B-6

  • Charcoal gray walls to dove gray floor and ceiling create a quiet, soothing mood to highlight chrome, glass and wood product.
  • Thoughtfully positioned candle groupings in gray tones have pops of orange for contrast.

Avenue B 11-A-11

  • Spacious and meticulously placed furniture groupings anchored by rugs and strategically placed platforms.
  • Fresh vertical florals add height and color.

KnobStoppers/Cake Vintage 10-A-6

  • Fun and whimsical “retooling” of old everyday eclectic objects.
  • Quiet colors wrap this showroom that is filled with visual excitement.

Saro Trading Company 9-D-10

  • White-washed shipping pallets recycled as fixtures, backdrops and tables.
  • Beautiful table vignettes around perimeter are beautifully appointed.


Appelman/Schauben & Co.  1825, 1829, 1830, 1833

  • Dazzling, bold window statements.
  • Crisp, clear, focused and intentional lighting and energetic music creates excitement.

Tozai Home 1717

  • Use of artistic tools and imagery infuses the display with a classic color palette.
  • From floor to ceiling, an homage to fine art inspiration.

Jim Shore/Enesco 1612

  • Central visual focus is a charismatic garden arrangement – moss encrusted étagères and fixturing – branches overhead with suspended decorative eggs.
  • Angled and symmetrical fixtures create visual direction.

Que, A Division of Gift Craft 1529

  • This space is all about the play between color and lighting.
  • Bold, rich red walls, florals and accessories enhance the dark, intimate space.

C & F Enterprises, Inc. 1435

  • Plethora of fabric product, i.e. bedding, tabletop, tote bags, are well classified and merchandized.
  • Free standing window vignettes are simple, colorful and eye catching.

Couronne Company, Inc. 1310B

  • The soft, buttercream hue envelops the walls and fixturing.
  • Unique wall units feature ‘cut out’ display niches housing colorful glass product in an unusual concept.

Authentic Models, Inc. 1211

  • Global elegance of an old world library with rich wood tones.
  • European map prints, architectural details and worn antique glasses add an intimate human touch.

The Round Top Collection 1129

  • Larger than life “Alice in Wonderland” whimsy.
  • Dazzling bright light to reflect the happy mood and softer light in subdued areas.

Grace Direct, Inc.  1019

  • From a quirky “shoe chandelier” to playful musical instruments, bright bursts of color balance a black backdrop and seasoned woods.
  • An overall whimsical, imaginative and innovative atmosphere filled with interaction.

MoMo Panache 935-A

  • A distinctive black/white checkerboard floor anchors this space.
  • Subtle repetition of polka dots in table covering influenced by product packaging.

Godinger Group 808

  • A gleaming, sparkling showroom of crystal tabletop.
  • Each classification sub-divided into rooms develops visual character.

Simply Primitives 715-B

  • Simply charming.
  • Warm, cozy mountain cabin atmosphere created with old wood beams, branches, screen windows and doors and unearthed memorabilia made it distinctive.

Kindred Hearts, Inc. 617-B

  • Cohesive color selection of black ceiling, floors and fixturing create an intimate environment.
  • Soft lighting distinguishes the product.


Silvestri 687

  • What an imagination!
  • Thinking outside the box and using simple items in unusual ways.

Toys South, Inc. 772

  • Massive toy showroom tied together with many excellent cohesive elements.
  • Excellent vendor identification on outer windows and backs of director chairs.

Stonewall Kitchen, Ltd. 873-B

  • Relaxed New England charm.
  • Impactful photo graphics throughout the space on back and side walls.

Common Ground Distributors, Inc. 9-C-16 9-C-10

  • Glass store-front façade distinguishes, yet invites you in.
  • Homey atmosphere created by leather seating arrangement and massive clock face.

Esschert Design USA, LLC 10-B-73

  • Chest-high fixtures serve as room dividers and allow for visibility throughout the space.
  • Wire dress forms show selection of garden aprons.

The July 2012 Temporary Visual Display Winners are:


  • Emporium Home

Temporary VDA Winners:

  • Karma Living
  • Julian Mejia Design, Inc.
  • French Heritage
  • Vagabond Vintage, LLC
  • Fairhope Favorites
  • Golden Hill Studio
  • Beachcomber Trading Company
  • My Spirit Garden
  • Lizzy J’s
  • Second Nature Designs Ltd.
  • Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Co. LLC
  • Von. G Art
  • Good Idea Kids, LLC
  • Pura Botanica
  • Tracy Arrington Studios
  • Beach Handbags
  • Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress
  • Oxidos

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market runs July 11-18. Temporaries are open July 13-17. The Atlanta International Area Rug Market runs July 12-15. All Market dates and events are available at

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